The images here are a few examples from Free4All, an ongoing body of work. This series uses the conventions of exhibition posters, broadsides and frontispieces to advertise worldwide events and elements that most enjoy for free. The works in this series are unbridled celebrations of life’s very temporality – connecting the experience of life to the dizzying temporary fun of a carnival, or of an exhibition, while at the same time seeming to suggest that the viewer slow down and look around at what is eternal.

I rely on a materiality of image-making that is direct, tactile and kinetic: I love the inexactness, the surprise, the drips that different processes afford, where fragility, and time passing are made manifest. The technique used in these pieces is an ephemeral paper-plate lithography chosen for the characteristic look it gives the work. In fact the technique is a very low-tech, low-cost one that seems conceptually “right” for subject matter that is about things universal & common. Each image is printed in a widely variable small edition.


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